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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

Implementation of Lean Techniques in Conveyor Pulley Manufacturing Industries

Authors: N. Arunachalam and G.D. Sivakumar
Keywords: Lean Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping, Lead Time, Takt Time, Value Added Activity, Non-value Added Activity.
Pages: 807-818
Paper ID: IJPPAS105166
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Behaviour of Cupola Slag on Semi Dense Bituminous Concrete

Authors: R. Balaraman and Dr.N.S. Elangovan
Keywords: Cupola Slag, Bituminous Concrete, Marshall Stability, Interlocking.
Pages: 819-830
Paper ID: IJPPAS105261
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Severity Analysis of Diabetic Retinopathy in Retinal Images Using Hybrid Structure Descriptor Histogram and RBF Kernel SVM

Authors: T. Ajitha, N. Kesavan Nair and T. Ajith Bosco Raj
Keywords: Diabetic Retinopathy, Segmentation, Histogram, Texture, Feature Extraction, Support Vector Machine.
Pages: 831-842
Paper ID: IJPPAS104893
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Robust and Efficient Cervical Cancer Classification System of Pap Smear Images Using Hybrid Salient Structure Descriptor and Machine Learning Algorithm

Authors: G. Hariharan and A. Jayachandran
Keywords: Cancer, Pap Smear Images, Classification, SVM, Feature Extraction.
Pages: 843-850
Paper ID: IJPPAS105125
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Stackelberg Game Algorithm for Optimal Price based Power Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks

Authors: Shyamala Bharathi and Dhananjay Kumar
Keywords: Stackelberg Two Stage, Game Theory, Lagrangian, Throughput, Utilization, Cognitive Radio Network.
Pages: 851-863
Paper ID: IJPPAS105272
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Comparative Study on Agro Climatic Condition Based Heavy Metal Analysis in Red Soil (Veppur Block) and Black Soil (Alathur Block) of Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu, India

Authors: Nirmaladevi and Dr. Rajaram
Keywords: Heavy Metals, Spectrometer, Black and Red Soil.
Pages: 864-879
Paper ID: IJPPAS105269
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Strongly g-ω-Closed Sets

Authors: M. Shaji Faashila, K.T. Nagalakshmi and O. Ravi
Keywords: τ, Generalized Class, Strongly g-ω-closed Set, Topological Space, Generalized Closed Set, g-ω-closed Set, Closed Set, Open Set.
Pages: 880-886
Paper ID: IJPPAS105273
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Detection of Hard Exudates in Retinal Images Using Soft Computing Techniques

Authors: C. Pratheeba and Dr.N. Nirmal Singh
Keywords: Hard Exudates, Retinal Imaging, Computer Aided Diagnosis, Cascaded Correlation Neural Network, Color and Shape Features.
Pages: 887-896
Paper ID: IJPPAS105275
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A Novel Implementation of Seizure Control Stimulator for Brain Computer Interface

Authors: S. Tamilrasi and Dr.J. Sundararajan
Keywords: Brain Computer Interface, SoC, Seizure Control Stimulator, Buffer, Charge Pump, Clock Generator.
Pages: 897-905
Paper ID: IJPPAS105121
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Robust and Efficient Retinal Image Classification System Using Hybrid Structure Descriptor

Authors: C. Mahiba and Dr.A. Jayachandran
Keywords: Retinopathy, Segmentation, Histogram, Texture, Feature Extraction, Support Vector Machine.
Pages: 906-922
Paper ID: IJPPAS105114
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