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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

Design and Implementation of Adaptable Gas Detector with Collision Free Quadcopter

Authors: Dr.D. Balasubramanaiam, Dr.R. Vadivelu and A. Emmanual
Keywords: Gas Detector, Quadcopter, Collision Avoidance, Zigbee, Sensor.
Pages: 601-610
Paper ID: IJPPAS105144
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Channel Modeling for UWB Radio Signal Propagation in Implantable Body Sensor Networks

Authors: P. Thirumaraiselvan and S. Jayashri
Keywords: Channel Modeling, Pathloss, Raytracing, Implanted Body Area Network.
Pages: 611-620
Paper ID: IJPPAS105145
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Time Response Analysis on Estimated Transfer Function with Time Domain Specification of the Boost DC To DC Converter

Authors: D. Sivanandakumar, A. Sivalingam and M. Thirumarimurugan
Keywords: Boost DC to DC Converter, Time Domain Analysis, Average Technique, Small Signal Modeling.
Pages: 621-626
Paper ID: IJPPAS105169
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Axial behaviour of Circular Hollow Steel Tubes Confined with CFRP Composites

Authors: Dr.R. Kumutha, B. Shanmugavalli and Dr.K. Vijai
Keywords: CHS, CFRP, Axial Strength, Strip Ratio.
Pages: 627-640
Paper ID: IJPPAS105146
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Brain Segmentation Using Multilevel Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Authors: Ushaa Eswaran and S. Anand
Keywords: Segmentation, Graph Partitioning, Medical Image Processing, Neural Network, Multilevel Recursive Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization (MRDPSO).
Pages: 641-649
Paper ID: IJPPAS105154
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Remediation of Contaminants Using Eichhornia Crassipes from Industrial Effluent under EDTA

Authors: M. Dineshkumar, A. Sivalingam and M. Thirumarimurugan
Keywords: Heavy Metal, Eichhornia Crassipes, Translocation, Bio Concentration and Transposition.
Pages: 650-656
Paper ID: IJPPAS105170
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Screening of Lipase Producing Fungus from the Marine Sediments, Followed by Fungal Lipase Mediated Transesterification of Vegetable Oils

Authors: S. Shahaja Lal and K.P. Vinod Kumar
Keywords: Lipase, Biocatalysts, Enzymatic transesterification Reactions, Rhodamine B, Tributyrin Agar Plates.
Pages: 657-668
Paper ID: IJPPAS105191
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Efficient Mobility Prediction Using Clustering based Modified Cuckoo Search Optimization Approach over MANET

Authors: C. Rajmohan and Dr.K.R. Shankar Kumar
Keywords: Mobility Prediction, FCM, MCSO, Routing, Mobile Nodes.
Pages: 669-682
Paper ID: IJPPAS105245
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Predicting User Preferences on Changing Trends and Innovations Using Sentiment and Personal User Analysis

Authors: K. Chidambarathanu and K.L. Shunmuganathan
Keywords: Sentiment Analysis, Prediction, User Preferences, Social Network.
Pages: 683-689
Paper ID: IJPPAS105256
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Performance and Emission Characteristics of Cashew Nut Shell Pyrolysed Oil-Waste Cooking Oil - Diesel Fuel Emulsions Using in a Four Stoke Di Diesel Engine

Authors: K. Venkatesan and J. Kuberan
Keywords: Cashew Nut Pyro Oil, Pyrolysis Oil, Waste Cooking Oil, Diesel Engine, Engine Performance, Exhaust Emission.
Pages: 690-698
Paper ID: IJPPAS105257
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