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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

Energy Efficient and Balanced Routing For Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: S.R. Menaka and Dr.G. Murugesan
Keywords: Energy, Delay, Throughput, Collaborative Communication, Multipath Routing, Multihop.
Pages: 492-505
Paper ID: IJPPAS105186
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Evaluation of Web Service Selection Methods Using Analysis of Variance

Authors: Dr.S. Maheswari and Dr.G.R. Karpagam
Keywords: QoS, Quality of Service, AHP, Analytical Hierarchical Processing, LSP, Logical Scoring Preference, Fuzzy Topsis, ANOVA, Analysis of Variance.
Pages: 506-520
Paper ID: IJPPAS105206
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Semantic Web Service Discovery for Online Applications

Authors: Dr.S. Maheswari and Dr.G.R. Karpagam
Keywords: Web Services, Web Service Discovery, Match Making, Bipartite Graph, Clustering.
Pages: 521-534
Paper ID: IJPPAS105207
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Study of Machining Behavior of AA2024-B4C-TiC Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites Using AWJM

Authors: P. Ganesan, M. Saravanan and M . Uthayakumar
Keywords: AA2024, Metal Matrix Composite, Abrasive Water Jet Machining, Kerf Angle, Surface Roughness and MRR.
Pages: 535-544
Paper ID: IJPPAS105212
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Comparative Study of Fixture Layout Optimization Methods

Authors: D. Elil Raja, S. Vijayan and K. Ramesh
Keywords: Fixture Layout, DFLOM, CFLOM, IFLOM
Pages: 545-549
Paper ID: IJPPAS104843
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Dynamically Reconfigurable Hybrid PWM Generation

Authors: Chidambaram Rajeswari and Dr.M. Santhi
Keywords: Dynamic Reconfiguration, Sine Wave PWM, Space Vector PWM, SD Card, FPGA
Pages: 550-559
Paper ID: IJPPAS105047
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An Energy Aware Spatial Compressive Sensing Technique for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors: S. Renuka and Dr.A. Abudhahir
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Spatial Correlation, Residual Energy, Data Reduction.
Pages: 560-571
Paper ID: IJPPAS105048
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Performance Aware Cellular Genetic Algorithm based Task Scheduling for Periodic Real Time Tasks on Multicore Processor

Authors: M. Lordwin Cecil Prabhaker and K. Manivannan
Keywords: Multicore Processor, Real time Task scheduling, Cellular GA, Low Power Consumption, High Performance Computation.
Pages: 572-582
Paper ID: IJPPAS105194
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A Social Spider based Algorithm for the Dynamic Dispatch of Units Incorporating Wind Energy Penetration

Authors: M.S. Jayakumar and T. Aruldoss Albert Victoire
Keywords: Dynamic Economic Dispatch, Social Spider, Support Vector Machine, Wind Energy.
Pages: 583-592
Paper ID: IJPPAS105095
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VLSI Architecture and Applications of Polar Encoder: A Review

Authors: G. Indumathi, V.P.M.B. Aarthi Alias Ananthakirupa and M. Ramesh
Keywords: Polar Encoder, Parallelism, Pipelining, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI).
Pages: 593-600
Paper ID: IJPPAS105106
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