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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

THD Reduction of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Genetic Algorithm

Authors: R. Senthil Rama and P. Latha
Keywords: Direct Torque Control (DTC), Genetic Algorithm (GA), PMSM, THD.
Pages: 385-391
Paper ID: IJPPAS105073
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A Novel Method in Optimization of the Cross Flow-cooling Tower Using Taguchi-grey Analysis

Authors: Alagumalai Malairajan, Immanual Rajkumar, S. Daniel Selvakumar and P. Rajaram
Keywords: ANOVA Table, Cross flow-cooling Tower, Grey Relational Analysis, Mathematical Modeling.
Pages: 392-403
Paper ID: IJPPAS105199
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Modified Firefly based Inter-Cluster Secure Key Management (MF-ICSKM) in Heterogeneous WSN

Authors: G. Saranraj and Dr.K. Selvamani
Keywords: ---
Pages: 404-414
Paper ID: IJPPAS105225
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Performance Analysis of MIMO Spatial Modulation Techniques

Authors: Dr.P. Rameshkumar
Keywords: Multiple Input Multiple Output, Spatial Modulation, Maximum Likelihood Receiver, Linear Receiver, Receiver Complexity.
Pages: 415-420
Paper ID: IJPPAS105055
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Soil Moisture Estimation of Agricultural Field Using Sentinel 1A SAR Data

Authors: P. Pari, Dr.M. Ramalingam and Dr.S. Jayalakshmi
Keywords: Synthetic Aperture Radar, Backscatter, Moisture, Gravimetric.
Pages: 421-428
Paper ID: IJPPAS105090
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A Study on the Factors Influencing Employee Retention in IT/ITES Sector with Special Reference to Chennai, South India

Authors: G. Sindhu and Dr. Rajeswari Krishnan
Keywords: Employee Retention, Work Environment, Culture, Career Opportunities, Job Security, Leadership, Work Life Balance, Motivation, Employee Engagement.
Pages: 429-439
Paper ID: IJPPAS105091
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Stock Index Volatility Using Garch Model of FMCG Sector-Evidence from NSE India

Authors: R. Subashini and Dr. Rajeswari Krishnan
Keywords: Return, Volatility, ARCG, GARCH, Heteroscedasticity, Price, Stock Index.
Pages: 440-450
Paper ID: IJPPAS105092
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CTGKD: Compressed Trie-based Group Key Distribution for Secure and Reliable Communication

Authors: S. Santhi, P.D. Sheba Kezia Malarchelvi and A. Shanmugasundaram
Keywords: Binary Trie, Compressed Trie, Computational Overhead, Group Key Management, Rekeying.
Pages: 451-468
Paper ID: IJPPAS105105
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A Light-Weight Dynamic Data Replication in Cloud Using Prioritization Based Optimization Algorithm

Authors: M. Amutha and Dr.R. Sugumar
Keywords: Prioritization, Optimization, Data Replication, Data Center, High Priority Queue.
Pages: 469-482
Paper ID: IJPPAS105147
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Design, Analysis and Modeling of Four Switch Inverter Derived BLDC Motor Using Space Vector Modulation

Authors: K. Sundaramoorthi and Dr.S. Vijayan
Keywords: Space Vector Modulation, DC-Link, BLDC.
Pages: 483-491
Paper ID: IJPPAS105148
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