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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

Efficient Intrusion Identification and Response System for MANETs

Authors: A.V. Santhosh Babu, Dr.P. Meenakshi Devi and B. Sharmila
Keywords: Two Phased Enhanced Intrusion Identification and Response (t-EIIAR), Intrusion Detection and Adaptive Response (IDAR), Fuzzy c Means Algorithm (FCM), Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS (IFT), Clustering, Cluster Head.
Pages: 292-300
Paper ID: IJPPAS105040
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To Enhance the Capacity Flexibility in Operational Level: A Case Study from the Auto Electrical Components Manufacturer

Authors: M. Sivasundari, Dr.K. Suryaprakasa Rao and Dr.R. Raju
Keywords: Capacity Management, State Capacity Flexibility, ECRS, QC Story, Therbligs.
Pages: 301-312
Paper ID: IJPPAS105041
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Change Over Improvement by Reducing Setup Times/Setup Costs on Implementing Lean Tool Technique in CNC Machine

Authors: V. Kavitha and Dr.V. Senthil
Keywords: SMED, OTED (One Touch Exchange of Die), CNC M/c.
Pages: 313-320
Paper ID: IJPPAS105052
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Genetic Algorithm based Job Scheduling in Mobile Grids

Authors: G. Saravanan and V. Gopalakrishanan
Keywords: Inertia, Position Updation, GA Operator, Velocity, Mobile Grid Computing.
Pages: 321-331
Paper ID: IJPPAS105053
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An Efficient Retrieval of Multiple Color Images Using Visual Secret Sharing

Authors: Dr.L. Jani Anbarasi, S. Pushparani, Modigari Narendra and D. Dhanya
Keywords: Visual Secret Sharing, Visual Cryptography, Image Processing, Halftoning Process.
Pages: 332-339
Paper ID: IJPPAS105059
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Analysis and Implementation of Seven Level Shunt Active Power Filter Using Modified Synchronous Reference Frame Theory

Authors: M. Kala Rathi, Dr.N. Rathina Prabha and K.S. Krishna Veni
Keywords: Cascaded Multi Level Inverter, Shunt Active Power Filter, Modified Synchronous Reference Frame theory, Phase Shifted Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation.
Pages: 340-350
Paper ID: IJPPAS105061
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Automatic Classification of Fruits Using GA Optimized, Robust SMRT Features

Authors: R. Sowmyalakshmi and S.M. Girirajkumar
Keywords: Fruits Images, SMRT Features, Extraction, Genetic Algorithms, Statistical Classifier.
Pages: 351-359
Paper ID: IJPPAS105066
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Investigation of Wet Steam Evacuation in a MG Cylinder Hood of a Paper Mill Using CFD Techniques

Authors: Dr.T. Prabu, P. Viswanathan, Dr.R. Rudramoorthy, N. Gokulkannan and D. Immanuvel
Keywords: Paper Mill, Dryer Hood, Drying performance, Energy Consumption, Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine.
Pages: 360-367
Paper ID: IJPPAS105085
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Seismic Effectiveness of Tall Buildings with Shear Wall and TMD's at Various Locations

Authors: G. Lavanya, J. Jegan and S. Aravindan
Keywords: ---
Pages: 368-376
Paper ID: IJPPAS104962
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An Optimized Localization Technique Using Trilateration Method

Authors: M.G. Kavitha and S. Sendhil Nathan
Keywords: Localization, Security, Trilateration, Anchor nodes, Wireless Sensor Networks.
Pages: 377-384
Paper ID: IJPPAS105020
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