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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

Life Time Maximization of Wireless Sensor Network Using Hop Count Based Sleep Scheduling

Authors: R. Indhu and R.A. Sankaran
Keywords: Lifetime Maximization, Scheduling, Routing, Hop Counting, WSN.
Pages: 185-191
Paper ID: IJPPAS105062
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Self Adaptive Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm (SAHDEA) for Dynamic Economic Emission Power Dispatch (EEPD) with Valve Point Effects

Authors: K. Thenmalar and S. Ramesh
Keywords: Adaptive Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm (SAHDEA), Hybrid Differential Evolution (HDE), Self Adaptation (SA) Technique, Economic Emission Power Dispatch (EEPD).
Pages: 192-205
Paper ID: IJPPAS104990
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Unsupervised Cluster Learning and Hybrid Support Vector Machine (HSVM) for Feature Selection of Benchmarks Datasets

Authors: S. Nithya Roopa and Dr.N. Nagarajan
Keywords: Feature Selection (FS), Non Negative Matrix Factorization (NMF), Nonnegative Spectral Clustering, Latent Structure, Row-Sparsity, High Dimensionality, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Hybrid Support Vector Machine (HSVM), Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) and Clus
Pages: 206-222
Paper ID: IJPPAS105175
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Edge Protective Image Restoration Using ANN Method

Authors: Dr.K. Sakthidasan @ Sankaran, B. Hemamalini and Dr.V. Nagarajan
Keywords: Blind De-Convolution, Non-Blind De-Convolution, Point Spread Function, Artificial Neural Network, Image Restoration.
Pages: 223-229
Paper ID: IJPPAS104751
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Water Region Segmentation from Landsat-8 OLI and TIRS Using Improved Vegetation Indices (IVI)

Authors: M. Umaselvi and S. Suresh Kumar
Keywords: Landsat-8, IVI, INDVI, IMSI, Multi Resolution Segmentation.
Pages: 230-239
Paper ID: IJPPAS104913
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Generalized Locally Closed Sets

Authors: V. Dhanasekaran, K.T. Nagalakshmi and O. Ravi
Keywords: Weakly-ω-LC-Set, Mildly-ω-LC-Set, Strongly-ω-LC-Set, ωπg-Closed Set.
Pages: 240-251
Paper ID: IJPPAS104929
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Estimating Outliers in Immensely Scattered Repositories Using Unit Concentration Scheme

Authors: V. Kathiresan and Dr.N.A. Vasanthi
Keywords: Outlier, Repositories, Concentration, Breaches, Information Combination.
Pages: 252-261
Paper ID: IJPPAS105021
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Neuro-Fuzzy based Estimation of Optimal Thermal and Electrical Power in Solar Hybrid PVT System

Authors: Dr.C. Ramesh and S.C. Prasanna
Keywords: ---
Pages: 262-273
Paper ID: IJPPAS105024
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Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Process Parameters for Ni-TiB2 Nano Composite Coatings Deposited on AA6061

Authors: A. Baraniraj, R. Malayalamurthi and S. Boovendravarman
Keywords: Electro Deposition, Ni-TiB2 Composite Coating, Micro Hardness, Orthogonal Array
Pages: 274-284
Paper ID: IJPPAS105027
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A Novel Idea in Information Security Using KHSAC with Hiatus Splitting and RR-Table

Authors: V. Perumal, Dr. Paul Rodrigues and Dr.B.T. Geetha
Keywords: RR-Table, KHSAC, Permutation Table, RAC.
Pages: 285-291
Paper ID: IJPPAS105029
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