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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

Efficient Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using Simulation Optimization

Authors: Dr.J. Selvakumar
Keywords: Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems, Monte Carlo Simulation, Energy Management, Simulation Optimization.
Pages: 97-103
Paper ID: IJPPAS104996
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Dynamic Signal Characterizations and Simple Applications of CMOS Miller Compensated Amplifier Using 180nm Technology

Authors: Mithila Ayyavoo and Dr. Vijayakumari Valsalam
Keywords: Amplifier, Neural Network, CMOS Operation.
Pages: 104-110
Paper ID: IJPPAS105002
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Optimization of Injection Moulding Process Parameters for Mininimal Shrinkage Using Taguchi Method

Authors: G. Magesh and Dr.M. Rajendran
Keywords: ---
Pages: 111-120
Paper ID: IJPPAS105004
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An Efficient ITA Algorithm to Solve Economic Load Dispatch with Valve Point Loading Effects

Authors: G. Sivagnanam, K.S. Chandragupta Mauryan, R. Maheswar and R. Subramanian
Keywords: Economic Load Dispatch, Valve Point-effect, Improved TANAN Function, Numerical Method.
Pages: 121-128
Paper ID: IJPPAS105005
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Integrated Secure Medical Image Transfer Framework

Authors: A. Umamageswari, C.S. Somu, I. Arokia Mary and R. Balaji
Keywords: Secure Storage and Communication System (SSCS), Secure Remote Protocol (SRP), ROI, Twofish, Genetic Algorithm, Image Hiding, Super Spatial Structural Prediction.
Pages: 129-138
Paper ID: IJPPAS105012
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Design and Performance Analysis of Complex Switching Networks through VLAN, HSRP and Link Aggregation

Authors: Dr.R. Vadivelu and Dr.S. Malathy
Keywords: VLAN, QoS, HSRP, Layer2 Switching, Link Aggregation.
Pages: 139-148
Paper ID: IJPPAS105014
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An FPGA based Hardware Architecture for Golay Code Encoder and Decoder

Authors: Dr.P. Rajeswari, K.R.J. Deepica, M. Kanagamani and Blessy Babu
Keywords: Architecture, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Encoder, Decoder, Golay Code.
Pages: 149-156
Paper ID: IJPPAS105015
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Intelligent Traffic Information System Control and Augmentation Using Image Segmentation

Authors: Dr.S. Malathy, Dr.R. Vadivelu, G. Santhakumar and Nithikabhasi
Keywords: Traffic Density Estimation, Traffic Control, Information Transfer, ITIS, Otsu's Algorithm.
Pages: 157-166
Paper ID: IJPPAS105016
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Development of Monitoring System for the Solar Air Heater

Authors: Pradhapraj Maruthaiyan and Sivarathinamoorthy Haldurai
Keywords: Solar Air Heater, Data Acquisition, LabVIEW
Pages: 167-176
Paper ID: IJPPAS105018
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Sample Based Association Ranking for Arranging Results Acquired for Input User Queries

Authors: S. Karthikeyan and Dr.P. Meenakshi Devi
Keywords: Information Retrieval, Context-Based Web, Fusion, Graphs and Page Scores.
Pages: 177-184
Paper ID: IJPPAS105025
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