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Volume 4, Issue 4, 2016

Reliable Inter-Cluster Routing Protocol for WSN Using Context Awareness

Authors: V. Latha and S. Shanmugavel
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Clustering, Fault Tolerance, Reliability, Context Awareness.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104541
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An Investigation on Evaluating the Performance of Fault Tolerant System Using Hybrid Cluster Stable Link Routing: A New Phenomena: Petri Nets

Authors: C. Sivamani and Dr.P. Visalakshi
Keywords: Petri Nets, Fault Tolerant System, HCSLR, Cluster.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104841
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Mutlilayer Intensive Resource Allocation in Cloud Using Leftist Heaps with VM Migration

Authors: S. Selvi and Dr.B. Kalaavathi
Keywords: Lefitiest Heap, Virtual Machines, Resource Allocation.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104851
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An Intelligent Information Retrieval Approach for Extracting Pills from Fabric Surface Using Subjective and Objective Methods

Authors: Dr.P. Janarthanan, K. Banumathi and B. Nethaji
Keywords: Information Retrieval, Pills Extraction, Objective, Subjective, Fabric, Correlation, Grades.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104801
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Development in Mechanical and Thermal Charaterisation of Lead Free Solders

Authors: K. Arun Vasantha Geethan, P. Saravanamuthukumar, A. Sathish Kumar, V. Arunkumaar and A. Gowri Shankar
Keywords: ---
Paper ID: IJPPAS104460
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Extract Method for Refactoring in Object Oriented System Using Program Slicing

Authors: Dr.S. Nithiyanandam and G. Sudhakar
Keywords: Software Refactoring, Extract Method, Block-Based Slicing and Program Dependence Graph.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104643
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Numerical Analysis of the Effective Dielectric Constant of Hybrid Glass Microsphere Filled Epoxy Composite

Authors: S. Supriya and J. Selwinrajadurai
Keywords: Filled Polymeric Composites, Potting Compound, Glass Microsphere, Loading Fractions, Interface, Analytical Model.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104692
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Enhancing Anonymity for MIPv6 Networks Based on Bilinear Pairings

Authors: R. Jennie Bharathi and Dr.S. Sophia
Keywords: Mobile IPv6, Internet Protocol (IP), Bilinear Pairing, Identity Based Cryptography, Authentication Delay, DHCPv6.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104753
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IOT Technologies through the Conventional Database Pharmacovigilance on Cloud

Authors: P. Ezhumalai and E.S. Madhan
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Pharmacovigilance, Natural Languge Processing, Bigdata, IOT, Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR), Health Care.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104765
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Enhancement of FIC Using Spiral Architecture with Biogeography based Optimization for Satellite Imagery

Authors: Mekala Ramesh, V. Palanisamy, B. Gopinath and R. Thangavel
Keywords: Satellite Images, Fractal Image Compression, Spiral Architecture, Biogeography Based Optimization.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104780
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