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Volume 4, Issue 4, 2016

Solving Dynamic Shortest Path Routing Problem in MANET Using Bio Inspired Optimization Algorithms

Authors: K. Haribaskar and M. Karnan
Keywords: ---
Paper ID: IJPPAS104691
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An Experimental Investigation on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Different Flow Rate of Oxygen Enrichment with Air Intake

Authors: V. Senthil Murugan and Dr.R. Venkatachalam
Keywords: Oxygen Enrichment, Diesel Engine Performance, Engine Emission- Environmental Pollutant.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104740
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Pyramid Technique for Content Based Image Retrieval System

Authors: K. Jayanthi and Dr.M. Karthikeyan
Keywords: Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR), Image Retrieval Precision Value (IRP), Pyramid Technique, Fuzzy Color and Texture Histogram (FCTH), Color and Edge Directivity Descriptor (CEDD).
Paper ID: IJPPAS104752
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An Improved Photo Voltaic Power Generation System Using 5 Levels Cascaded Multilevel Inverter and Incremental Conductance Power Controller

Authors: D.V. Ravikumar and V. Rajasekaran
Keywords: Maximum Power Point Tracking, DC Boost Voltage, Fluctuations, AC Voltage Conversion, Multilevel Inverter.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104822
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Design and Modeling of Low Power, High Speed CMOS based Row and Column Bypass Multiplier

Authors: Dr.A. Sabanayagam and Y. Mohammed Aneesh
Keywords: Bypassing, Optimization, Row Bypass, Column Bypass, Switching Activity, Probability, Filtering.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104821
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Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Identification of Defects in Medical Images Using Soft Computing

Authors: J. Jaya and Dr.K. Thanushkodi
Keywords: Tumor, De-Noising, Segmentation, Classification.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104859
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Hybrid Routing Protocol Using Gravitational Search Algorithm for Hybrid WMN

Authors: M. Mahesh and Dr.S. Vijayan
Keywords: ---
Paper ID: IJPPAS104860
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Multi-objective Optimization of Upsetting Parameters of Hybrid Copper Composites Using Grey Relational Analysis

Authors: K. Ilayaraja and P. Ranjith Kumar
Keywords: Upsetting, Hybrid Copper Composites, Grey Taguchi Method, Analysis of Variance.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104865
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Hot Deformation Behavior of SiCp/AZ91 Composites Fabricated through Accumulated Diffusion Bonding

Authors: V. Sivaramakrishnan, M. Rajamuthamilselvan and S. Ramanathan
Keywords: Accumulated Diffusion Bonding, Hot Deformation, Flow Curve, Dynamic Recrystallization and Processing Map.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104866
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Uniform Spatial Pattern Identification for Image Handling

Authors: S. Sikappi and Dr.S. Vasantha
Keywords: Uniform Spatial Pattern, Frequency vs. Spatial Pattern, Image Representation, Image Normalisation, Image Enhancement, Texture Image Generation.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104868
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