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Volume 4, Issue 4, 2016

Effective Tracking Methodology for Photovoltaic's Cell Using M Fitness Function

Authors: R. Rajesh Kanna and Dr.S. Manoharan
Keywords: Photo Voltaic System, Solar Panels, Angle of Solar Panels, Sun Movement, Maximum Power Point.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104763
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HBASE Repository Design for IOT-Generated RFID/Sensor Big Data

Authors: Dr.S. Gunasekaran and V. Bargavi
Keywords: Data base, Hbase, Big Data, Internet of Things, RFID/Sensor Data.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104764
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Comparison of Different Materials on Performance of Chevron Shaped Electrothermal Microgripper

Authors: T. Aravind, Dr.R. Ramesh, S. Ramya, S. Praveenkumar and Dr.A.R. Kalaiarasi
Keywords: MEMS, Bent-Beam Actuator, Microgripper, In-Plane Displacement, Materials.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104769
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Behavior of Cold Formed Steel Stiffened Web Sections

Authors: S. Janani and R. Thenmozhi
Keywords: Cold Formed Steel, Lipped C Section, Lipped C Sigma Section, Flexural Behaviour, Numerical Analysis, Experimental Validation.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104770
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Comparison of Robust Control Methods of Gain Scheduling in Networked Control Systems

Authors: C.T. Kalaivani, Dr.N. Kalaiarasi and K. Rajan
Keywords: ---
Paper ID: IJPPAS104771
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Mammographic Image Enhancement and Denoising of Pre-cancerous Features Using Non Sub Sampled Shearlet Transform

Authors: M.N. Vimalkumar and K. Helenprabha
Keywords: Mammogram, Non Sub Sampled Shearlet Transform, Speckle Noise, PSNR, MSE.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104772
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Design and Simulation of Piezoelectric Based MEMS Force Sensor

Authors: S. Praveen Kumar, Dr.R. Ramesh and T. Aravind
Keywords: Piezoelectric Force Sensor System, Fatigue Analysis, COMSOL Multi-Physics Software, Yield Point Analyses.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104773
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Mobile Sink Based Energy Efficient Data Gathering Scheme for Heterogeneous WSN

Authors: Srigitha S. Nath, K. Helen Prabha, M. Anitha and V. Sangeetha
Keywords: Link Aware Clustering, Data Collection Nodes, Data Collection Tree.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104775
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A Novel Harmony Search Algorithm for Dynamic Task Scheduling

Authors: Dr.R. Joshua Samuel Raj and Dr.S.V. Muruga Prasad
Keywords: Task Scheduling, Music Based Harmony Search, Metaheuristic, Chaotic Map.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104832
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Optimal Ring Routing Path Management Algorithm for Energy Efficient Sink Node of WSN

Authors: P. Sudarsanam and G. Singaravel
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Sink Node, Ring Routing Path, Static Data, Relay Time.
Paper ID: IJPPAS104833
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