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Recently Published Articles

Data Center's Performance Measurements and its Optimization Using Automated Workload Reports (AWRs) Under Cloud Environment

Authors: A. Poobalan, Dr.N. Uma Maheswari and K. Khaja Mohideen
Keywords: Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Multi-tenant, AWR, ADDT and Virtual Machine.
Pages: 01-13
Paper ID: IJPPAS104900
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Detection of Residual Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks by Node Weighting Algorithm

Authors: Dr.R. Rohini and Dr.S. Ravi
Keywords: Malicious Node, Wireless Sensor Network, Node Weighting, Cluster Head, Attacks.
Pages: 14-23
Paper ID: IJPPAS104907
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A Newfangled Method to Maintain Infrastructure and Mobility of Nodes by Weight based Clustering and Distributed Scheduling

Authors: P. Maria Jesi and Dr.A. Albert Raj
Keywords: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Mobility of Nodes, Scheduling, Weight-based Clustering.
Pages: 24-33
Paper ID: IJPPAS104919
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An Artificial Technique Based Approach for Channel Selection and Classification of Electroencephalogram Signals

Authors: T. Rajeshkumar and K. Geetha
Keywords: Channel Selection, Brain-Computer Interface, Artificial Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm.
Pages: 34-40
Paper ID: IJPPAS104938
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Trust Value based Security Scheme to Mitigate Flooding Attack

Authors: S.A. Arunmozhi, Y. Venkataramani and S. Rajeswari
Keywords: Security, Quality of Service, Ad hoc Network, Flooding Attack, Queuing Model, Denial of Service.
Pages: 41-50
Paper ID: IJPPAS104945
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Stochastic Model for Policy Induced Human Resource Depletion

Authors: B. Thilaka and Janaki Sivasankaran
Keywords: Depletion of Manpower, Threshold for Recruitment, Several Policy Decisions Impacting Attrition.
Pages: 51-58
Paper ID: IJPPAS104946
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Design and Characterization of High Gain Dual Band Shared Aperture Array Antenna for Space Borne Applications

Authors: P. Gunapandian and B. Manimegalai
Keywords: Microstrip Patch Antenna, Corporate Feed, 2*2 Array Antenna, Shared Aperture Antenna and 'S' Shaped Slot.
Pages: 59-66
Paper ID: IJPPAS104957
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An Efficient Optimal Pilot Design Scheme for Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Authors: L. Kebila Anns Subi and Dr.A. Albert Raj
Keywords: Orthogonal Frequency-division Multiplexing, Multiple Input-Multiple Output Technologies, Channel Estimation, Cyclic Delay Diversity, Optimal Pilot Design, Inter Carrier Interference (ICI).
Pages: 67-77
Paper ID: IJPPAS104976
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Multi Fault Diagnosis in MVIM by Adapting Non Stationary Signal Processing: Hilbert-Huang Transform

Authors: W. Rajan Babu and C.S. Ravichandran
Keywords: Multi Fault, Medium Voltage Induction Motor (MVIM), Motor Stator Current Parameter (MSCP), Non-Stationary Signal (NSS), Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT).
Pages: 78-86
Paper ID: IJPPAS104987
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Fault Detection and Classification Using DWT with GA-ANFIS on UHV Line

Authors: G. Banu and S. Suja
Keywords: Fault Detection, Fault Classification, DWT, GA ANFIS, Modular ANN, One End Data.
Pages: 87-96
Paper ID: IJPPAS104991
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