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Volume 2, Issue 1, 2014

Pollution Control a Cleaner Environment

Authors: M. Mohan
Keywords: VOC, Pollution Control, Technologies, Recovery, Recycle.
Pages: 01-06
Paper ID: IJPPAS103473
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Cloud Computing to Control Global Warming

Authors: C.K. Sreeram and D. Vishnu Prakhash
Keywords: ---
Pages: 07-13
Paper ID: IJPPAS103492
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An Android Application Sandbox System for Suspicious Software Detection

Authors: G. Krithika
Keywords: ---
Pages: 14-21
Paper ID: IJPPAS103501
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Pharmaceutical Industry with Apportionment of Toxic Organic Volatile Compounds in the Ambient Environment

Authors: R. Dhanasekaran
Keywords: Volatile Organic Compounds, TO-17 Method, USEPA Methods, WHO Guidelines, Automated Thermal Desorption GC-MSD, Purge and Trap GC-MSD, Mercaptan and Di-methyl Disulphide (DMDS).
Pages: 22-29
Paper ID: IJPPAS103509
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