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Performance Analysis in Digital Circuits for Process Corner Variations, Slew-Rate and Load Capacitance

Authors: R. Udaiyakumar and R. Maheswar
Keywords: Threshold Voltage, Mobility, Oxide Thickness, Process Corner Variations, Monte Carlo Simulation.
Pages: 2933-2943
Paper ID: IJPPAS104754
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Optimized Proportional Integral Control for Direct Torque Control of PMBLDC Motor Using Meta Heuristic Methods

Authors: V. Geetha and Dr.S. Thangavel
Keywords: Cuckoo Search Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, Direct Torque Control, PMBLDC Motor, Parameter Optimization.
Pages: 2944-2957
Paper ID: IJPPAS104755
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Effectiveness of Public Service Advertising in Health Awareness among the Rural Youths: An Empirical Study

Authors: Dr.S. Gangadharan and Dr.C. Thirumal Azhagan
Keywords: Public Service Advertisements, Community Development, Public Service Announcements, Cause Related Marketing, Social Advertising, Issue Advertising, Public Interest Advertising and Social Marketing.
Pages: 2958-2964
Paper ID: IJPPAS104781
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Automated Order Processing and Sales Management Using IVR System

Authors: Dr.L.M. Palanivelu, N. Jayanthi and M. Sakthi Meena
Keywords: IVR, DTMF, Sales Management, Automation, Messaging System.
Pages: 2965-2972
Paper ID: IJPPAS104783
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Optimal Analogy based Fuzzy Classifier for Software Cost Estimation Using EM Algorithm

Authors: V. Resmi and Dr.S. Vijayalakshmi
Keywords: Software Effort Estimation, Fuzzy Analogy, Expectation Maximization, Firefly Algorithm.
Pages: 2973-2982
Paper ID: IJPPAS104784
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An Approach for Management and Scheduling of Resources in Printing and Packaging Enterprise using Cloud Manufacturing

Authors: N.C. Brintha, Shajulin Benedict and J.T. Winowlin Jappes
Keywords: Cloud Manufacturing, Genetic Algorithm, Printing and Packaging, Tasks and Resources, Makespan.
Pages: 2983-2993
Paper ID: IJPPAS104800
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An Efficient Route Strengthening Mechanism in MANET

Authors: P. Karthikeyan and Dr.J. Raja
Keywords: ZHLS, ZHLS-CSL, MANET, Hybrid Routing.
Pages: 2994-3002
Paper ID: IJPPAS104813
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Enhancement of ABS-Ni Coated Composite Using Fused Deposition Modeling Method for Functional Applications

Authors: Dr.S. Kannan, Dr.P. Prathap and Dr.D. Senthilkumaran
Keywords: ABS Composite, Connecting Rod, Electroplating, FEM, Fused Deposition Modeling, Rapid Prototyping.
Pages: 3003-3011
Paper ID: IJPPAS104826
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An Intelligent Control Scheme Based Soft Starting of three Phase Induction Motor

Authors: S. Kaliappan and Dr.R. Rajeswari
Keywords: Soft Starting, Extinction Angle Control, ANN and FLC Closed Loop Scheme, Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor.
Pages: 3012-3023
Paper ID: IJPPAS104831
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Deciding to Buy Online: Understanding Online Shoppers' Purchase Intentions with Special Reference to College Students

Authors: K. Arun Prasad and Dr.S.C. Vetrivel
Keywords: Materialism, Conformity, Compulsive Buying, Utilitarian Motive, Consumer Behaviour, Hedonic Motive.
Pages: 3024-3032
Paper ID: IJPPAS104864
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