A Novel Method in Optimization of the Cross Flow-cooling Tower Using Taguchi-grey Analysis

Alagumalai Malairajan, Immanual Rajkumar, S. Daniel Selvakumar and P. Rajaram


This paper deals with the Optimization of a working cross flow cooling tower of a captive power plant in a medium scale industry. Optimized conditions in terms of high effectiveness, low outlet water temperature, low Percentage of water loss for the cooling tower have been brought out using Taguchi-Grey relational-based multi-response optimization by analyzing Inlet water temperature, Relative humidity, Dry bulb temperature and Liquid to Gas ratio. For the industrial cooling tower, it is very difficult to conduct experiments. Therefore, a mathematical model was developed. The reliability of the mathematical model was checked with the site working values. The error percentage of the mathematical model is within 5%. Model simulations are conducted based on the L-16 orthogonal array suggested in Taguchi's robust system design concept, and the output responses are recorded. The percentage of input parameters contribution in the three objectives is being a predicted by ANOVA table.

Keywords: ANOVA Table, Cross flow-cooling Tower, Grey Relational Analysis, Mathematical Modeling.

Volume: 5 | Issue: 1

Pages: 392-403

Paper ID : IJPPAS105199

Issue Date: February , 2017

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