A Novel Idea in Information Security Using KHSAC with Hiatus Splitting and RR-Table

V. Perumal, Dr. Paul Rodrigues and Dr.B.T. Geetha


KHSAC A Key-based hiatus splitting arithmetic coding has been proposed to improve the security of traditional Arithmetic Coding (AC).Chosen-Plaintext Attacks (CPA) have been proposed for KHSAC when a like key is used to encrypt multiple messages, where unlike keys are used to encrypt different texts for a stronger edition of KHSAC. The use of information indistinguishability is to prove that the edition of KHSAC is insecure under a weaker form of attacks than chosen-plain text attacks. The information security against cipher-text attacks is obtained by performing the text splitting according to the key and performing Traditional AC encryption using KHSAC with Random Replacement (RR) Table, where the information from the RR table can be obtained with the help of permutation table.

Keywords: RR-Table, KHSAC, Permutation Table, RAC.

Volume: 5 | Issue: 1

Pages: 285-291

Paper ID : IJPPAS105029

Issue Date: February , 2017

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