Development of Monitoring System for the Solar Air Heater

Pradhapraj Maruthaiyan and Sivarathinamoorthy Haldurai


A detailed categorization of the performance and energetic behavior of solar air heating systems have been done in many of the researches, Ample monitoring and analyzing of solar air heating systems plays an important role in augmenting the efficiency of solar air heating systems by collecting the process parameters in the system. Application of solar air heating system is space heating and drying agro products. The usage of the LabVIEW real-time interface system helped in integrating several types of instruments into a single system which offered an online measurement of all data sources and compares the simulation results with monitored data in real-time. The DAQ system could realize the real-time data acquisition of temperature, air velocity, wind velocity, humidity, weight of the drying product and intensity of solar as well as data transmission, processing, and display, in addition provides users with significant data inquire. The single glass double-pass introduced in this study was proposed for aiming to strengthen the convective heat transfer coefficient and increase the heat transfer area. Based on both theoretical and experimental results of the collector efficiency of the charcoal and rock bed porous medium under different mass flow rates were compared. The proposed approach provides fast, secure and reliable system by making the system database-ready for performance analysis of solar air heating systems.

Keywords: Solar Air Heater, Data Acquisition, LabVIEW

Volume: 5 | Issue: 1

Pages: 167-176

Paper ID : IJPPAS105018

Issue Date: February , 2017

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