Intelligent Traffic Information System Control and Augmentation Using Image Segmentation

Dr.S. Malathy, Dr.R. Vadivelu, G. Santhakumar and Nithikabhasi


In this current era the rapid growth in vehicle population in all developing and developed countries expect a major improvement in the traffic signaling systems. As a part of globalization, time consumption and administration of the traffic means a lot. The fast moving world that we live today does not desire to hang around at any cost in middle of the time consuming traffic signals. As a result, the mindsets of the people, safety procedures of the traffic are discarded violated intentionally. The deprived traffic management system is the main reason for extended periods of traffic congestion throughout the world. This deprived management of traffic system causes people to wait in front of traffic signal junction for long time that result in additional time and fuel consumption. The above constraints necessitate an Intelligent Traffic Information System (ITIS). ITIS controls the traffic signal duration depending upon the density of the vehicles and the information on the traffic condition that is sending to the vehicles approaching the junction in advance. The vehicle density in the junction is estimated by capturing the traffic condition using digital cameras and the data processed by MATLAB programming. Based on the captured and processed information on vehicle density the signal durations can be modified based on the requirement using microcontrollers. Then the information about the traffic signal, density and duration of the signal is transmitted to the vehicles that are approaching the junction, so that they can choose an alternative route which will be more comfortable for them.

Keywords: Traffic Density Estimation, Traffic Control, Information Transfer, ITIS, Otsu's Algorithm.

Volume: 5 | Issue: 1

Pages: 157-166

Paper ID : IJPPAS105016

Issue Date: February , 2017

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