Stochastic Model for Policy Induced Human Resource Depletion

B. Thilaka and Janaki Sivasankaran


Attrition of human resources in organizations can be attributed to a variety of triggers such as, policy decision announcements for promotions, compensation and benefits, bonus and ex-gratia payments, implementation of deputation to other organizational entities and performance requirements by the management. There is a cumulative loss of manpower and when a threshold level is crossed, breaks down the system. There is a need for recruitment to prevent a break down. The paper presents a stochastic model for human resource depletion that would trigger recruitment. The depletion of human resources due to policy decisions for regular compensation and for ex-gratia payments as different processes, the impact of involuntary exits and the policy decision of deputation to other organizational entities that have a distinct legal status have been considered with certain assumptions in computing the expected time to recruitment into the system. The depletion of human resources due to four different policy decisions with certain assumptions has been considered in proposing a model.

Keywords: Depletion of Manpower, Threshold for Recruitment, Several Policy Decisions Impacting Attrition.

Volume: 5 | Issue: 1

Pages: 51-58

Paper ID : IJPPAS104946

Issue Date: February , 2017

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