Trust Value based Security Scheme to Mitigate Flooding Attack

S.A. Arunmozhi, Y. Venkataramani and S. Rajeswari


Ad hoc flooding attack is a kind of denial of service attack which aims to flood the network with bogus packets. The malicious user would send a lot of route request packets or attacking data packets to exhaust the network resources. Hence, genuine communication cannot take place successfully. In this work, we proposed a new security scheme based on trust value for mitigating flooding attack in mobile ad hoc networks. The proposed protocol, called Trust Value Security Scheme, aims to detect malicious nodes in MANETs and then avoids sending messages through them. Therefore, nodes transmit data only through the trusted paths to improve network performance. The results obtained from the NS2 based simulations of the proposed technique show that the technique can successfully detect the misbehaving nodes. By simulation results, we show that the proposed technique achieves greater packet delivery ratio with reduced packet drops for legitimate users.

Keywords: Security, Quality of Service, Ad hoc Network, Flooding Attack, Queuing Model, Denial of Service.

Volume: 5 | Issue: 1

Pages: 41-50

Paper ID : IJPPAS104945

Issue Date: February , 2017

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