RFID: Study of the Malevolent Attacks and Clustering Mechanism in the RFID System

M. Thurai Pandian, Dr.R. Sukumar and Dr.T. Ajith Bosco Raj


Security is a big problem today's word. RFID is the method for tracking the vehicles using Intelligent Transportation System and also defense, Medical and Human Identification. RFID technology is used for tracking the moving or immovable objects. Tiny RFID tags and the suitable reader were participating for tracking objects. In this paper we study about the various attacks and the clustering mechanism of the RFID system. This paper will give the suggestion to improve the security from the attacks and also improve the performance of the communication between the RFID Tags and the Readers.

Keywords: RFID, Attack, Cluster, Performance, Study.

Volume: 4 | Issue: 4

Paper ID : IJPPAS104651

Issue Date: December , 2016

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