Improved Scalability Gain with Good Polarization Using Smart ICCLMA

Franklin George Jobin and Dr.M. Rajaram


Here we present a low-profile miniaturized antenna which gives high operating gain, which uses in unidirectional vertically polarized radiation. This proposed design explains the increase in gain which is capable of improving the polarization purity of the radiated field in the horizontal plane. Thus, the polarization and gain is achieved by separating the feed structure from a miniaturized resonant radiating structure. The proportionate circuit model helps with the underlying configuration, and after those minor changes is required to achieve the craved recurrence of operation. The customized Smart Inductively Coupled Capacitive Loaded Monopole Antenna (ICCLMA) helps us to decrease the size of the antenna. It may be accomplished in Smart Inductively Coupled Capacitive Loaded Monopole Antenna by using a large capacitive top load as well as high Q lumped-type resonant structure. By using the large top load, shorting pin and in-plane capacitive coupled structure achieve with high gain, enhanced polarization purity and excellent impedance matching with antenna miniaturization.

Keywords: Antennas, Polarization, Beam Width, Smart ICCLMA, Computer Simulation Technology.

Volume: 4 | Issue: 4

Pages: 2300-2309

Paper ID : IJPPAS104650

Issue Date: December , 2016

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