Multi-Agent Based Information Retrieval System for Multi-Modal Database

R. Uma and Dr.B. Latha


Information retrieval system are the most required system in all kinds of searching applications. Especially in web based searching, information retrieval plays a vital role in the industry. Content based information retrieval, image retrieval, document and text retrieval are recently growing researches in recent web applications. Most of the existing approaches concentrate on information retrieval on a single type of dataset. But in this paper we have considered a multi modal data set from various sources with high dimensionality. Multi-modal data retrieval is also one of the emerging and new search paradigm used for various kinds of data stored in a database. In this paper a Multi-Agent based Information Retrieval system for Multi-Modal database is proposed. By introducing multi agents we can reduce the computational complexity, time complexity and can create a common latent feature space for combining all the data together for effective retrieval. This above proposed approach is simulated in MATLAB software and the results are compared with the existing approaches to evaluate its performance.

Keywords: Data Mining, Multi-Modal, Information Retrieval System, Supervised Learning, Multi-Agent.

Volume: 4 | Issue: 4

Paper ID : IJPPAS104642

Issue Date: December , 2016

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